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I love painting with acrylics!  Acrylic pours, cells, and finding cool ways to manipulate paint on canvas is what I like best!

Once you’ve found one you like and are ready to purchase, please fill out the form below telling me which canvas you are interested in and I’ll get in touch!


Bioluminescent 8x10
Bioluminescent 8×10 $40USD
Colorful Chaos 16x20
Colorful Chaos 16×20 $55USD
Daze of Summer 7x14
Daze of Summer 7×14 $45USD for the pair
Flow 16x20
Flow 16×20 $55USD
Nuclear 8x10
Nuclear 8×10 $70USD for the pair
Santa Fe 16x20
Santa Fe 16×20 $100USD for the pair
Sci-Fi 8x10
Sci-Fi 8×10 $40USD
The Deep 16x20
The Deep 16×20 $55USD
Surf's Up 16x20
Surf’s Up 16×20 $55USD
Through The Trees 24x30
Through The Trees 20×34 $85USD




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