DIY Tutorial Halloween Skeleton Wreath

It’s that time of year again…..where DIY (Do It Yourself) projects get me rollin’!  I LOVE them!


Since I am a “crafty and creative” individual, I inherently feel the need to make, create, recreate, paint, photograph, etc. something… well, anything!  Trust me, it’s insane!  I literally want to scream, punch a wall, or run a marathon at times – but only if I can’t make something (uh, did I really just say that out loud?!)  LOL Really folks, it’s bad.

With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all so close to one another, you will be able to find a ton of DIY’s scattered all over the internet.  Not only that, you can create awesome home decor and gifts fairly cheap!!  The Dollar Tree is my “go to” store for materials that’s for sure.  I can get the majority of items for any craft and/or DIY project from Dollar Tree and with EVERY item costing only a buck, you can’t go wrong!

Pinterest is by far another of my obsessions!  I see so many crafts, home decor ideas, and DIY projects that I fall in love with there.  I have a board dedicated solely to Arts, Crafts, and Cool Ideas – you can find it here:

When I see something awesome, I put it on this board to go back to later when I have the time or feel the itch.   You can also follow my Pinterest account here:

When I feel the “itch”, I scour through my boards to see what project, or cake, or dish, or whatever – I want to try next.  Then, off I go to make something new.  It makes me so happy!

Some of my FB followers have requested some holiday craft tutorials.  I found an awesome Halloween wreath on Eighteen25: Vanessa from Tried and True: was the creator of this wreath and I loved it so much, I decided to give it a try!

While I loved her wreath and tutorial, I decided to give it a try myself and tweaked my version a bit to suit my tastes.  You will find my  tutorial below:

For this wreath, I used the following items from Dollar Tree:

  • 8 Skeleton hands
  • 1 Trifold cardboard (this will go a long way for many more projects)
  • 1 drop cloth (this can be used over again for many more projects)
  • 1 medium sized binder clip (I didn’t take a pic of the pack but it came with 8 binder clips of which I used only 1 side of 1 clip so this pack will go a long way for many more projects)

Items not from Dollar Tree (which I already had on hand – pun intended) :

  • 1 can of Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint (I had leftover for another project).
  • 1 Elmer’s fine tip black painters pen (plenty left over to use on many more projects).
  • 1 black ink pen (not pictured)
  •  1 Exacto knife
  • 1 Scissor (not pictured)
  • Paper towel (not pictured)
  • 1 glue gun and glue stick (not pictured)
  • 1 container of black acrylic paint (I have metallic paint and E6000 glue pictured too but never used them)
  • Hook or ribbon and thumb tack to hang wreath on door (not pictured)

The Best Machine for DIY Projects

I started by taking all the hands out of the plastic and arranged them on the trifold cardboard.  Once they were good to go (meaning how I liked them) it was time to take them outside and spray them.  I loved how bright and shiny the inspiration wreath was, but I decided I wanted mine to look a little more worn; almost having an old vintage feel to them.  That’s why I went with the Krylon Looking Glass spray.  I knew it wouldn’t be solid shiny silver at first and I could layer it (add extra coats) if I felt it needed a more solid look.  Not to mention the fact that I already had it in my craft supplies.

Next, when the hands were dry, I placed them back in a wreath pattern and made a little mark (with pen or pencil) on the card board by the first joint of the hand.  I actually did this for two of the hands so I could gauge where to make and cut my circle.  *Note: I did pay attention to where I placed my hands on the cardboard.  I made sure the center between the hands was covered in the same spray paint and that no white from the board was showing through.

Then I took one of my 9″ baking pans and aligned it with the two marks I made with my pen and traced the pan.


Now, I started to cut my circle.  I used an Exacto knife to do this.  If you feel more comfortable using scissors, by all means please use those.  

I wanted to apply some type of hook to the back – just in case I decided to hang it without a ribbon.  Yes, a ribbon would make it look more fru-fru but that’s not really what I was going for here.  If I could make a hook that would be hidden by one of the hands – then it would look as if it was floating or hovering on or in front of the door!  So, I looked around for what I might have and viola!  A binder clip!  And I got it from Dollar Tree!  Double Woot!  I took one out of the pack and dismantled it (squeezed it together and removed the metal piece). I also cut a small piece of cardboard.  The cardboard was large enough to cover the dismantled binder clip.


I turned on my hot glue gun and when it was heated up I made two dots on the little cardboard piece (wide enough to lay the dismantled binder clip piece into).


Once that was done, I added more glue on top of each prong and attached it to the back of the circle.

Now that the hook was attached and the glue was dried, it was time to add the hands.  I flipped the cardboard over so the silver side was facing up and applied a generous amount of glue to the base of each hand (by the wrist or carpal area).  Of course, I laid the first one so it was positioned in a way that hid the hook on the back.  Once that was done, I went quickly hand by hand; gluing and applying (the glue will adhere to the cardboard rather quickly, so I suggest you position each hand rather close to where you want them to be).

Finally, I used my paint pens and applied a simple Boo and spider/web to the center.  While, I am a great abstract artist, simple things like words, drawings, or actual images escape me!  I could have painted the center in chalkboard paint, but that was an extra step I didn’t want to take and I kinda wanted everything silver with just hints of black.

I thought it was done until I had my son hold it up to the door:

It was still too silver in my opinion (especially up against the black door).  That’s when I decided it needed to be glazed!  I took out my black acrylic paint, a brush, and added some water.  Did you know that you can make your own glazes just by adding water to some acrylic paint?  Shut the front door – It’s true! You don’t even need the expensive paints or glazes….  This is the acrylic paint I had at my house, If you get the small bottles at Wal-Mart, they will cost you less than a buck. (sometimes 50 cents a piece) *Note: I forgot to take a pic of the paint with the water in it.  I pretty much water the paint down and it is very runny.  This is where the drop cloth comes in very handy.

Now I painted each hand with the paint and used a paper towel to remove the excess. I didn’t want too much black showing but I wanted to tone the silver down.

I love how the finished product came out!

DIY Dollar Tree Pinterest
DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Skeleton Wreath

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