Product Reviews – Unicorn SPiT

A lot of folks ask me what are some of my favorite things for creating, crafting, painting or Art. While I love many products, I have one in particular that I use on a regular basis, because I LOVE IT so much!  It may sound a bit weird – but trust me when I say this stuff is awesome!!!  It truly is the stuff that Fairy Tales are made of, for real!

Ready…..  Set…..  Go…..

Unicorn SPiT

You read it right folks….  Unicorn SPiT!  This stuff is Heaven sent!  It smells great – like Jasmine.  It’s NON TOXIC!! And….. It’s so much fun to play with, uh, I mean work with (snicker).

Let me tell you a little about this awesome product!  Unicorn SPiT is a stain & glaze all wrapped up in one!  It can be used on numerous surfaces: wood, metal, glass, concrete, and fabric too!  I’ve seen it used on magnets, jewelry, canvas, even a wedding dress!  It has a 3 dimensional look to it once you apply your topcoat (swoon)!  I’ve used my hands, a sponge, and a paint brush to apply it but using my hands is definitely the most fun!  I have “created” in my kitchen with this stuff and didn’t have to worry about any harmful vapors or smells! So no matter the weather, I can use it in the convenience of my own home!  That’s always a HUGE plus for me when I am working on a deadline.

The bottles come in 2 different sizes: 4oz and 8oz.  They are sold individually or in sets too.  Which really gives you a ton of options with your purchase.  So, if you’re a hesitant shopper, you can spend less money on the smaller size to give it a try.  But believe me, once you try it, you will be HOOKED!

Unicorn SPiT colors are VIBRANT (which always floats my boat)!  They come full strength but can be diluted up to 70% with plain water for use as a glaze.  Depending on how you’d like to use it, will depend on how much water you want to dilute it with.  Look at the awesome colors below:

These are just the basic 10 color collection.  They offer other colors too and are currently working on Sparkling SPiT!! Can you say, SWOON?
Here are just a few of the projects that I’ve used Unicorn SPiT on:

Michelle Nicole is the creator of this AWESOME product.  She has a heart of gold and is so much fun to watch when she gives a tutorial!  She created this product out of a need for art therapy, a love of people, a passion to help, and the desire to give hope back to folks that seemingly lost it.

You can find her story here:

I have seen some gorgeous furniture refurbishments using this stuff, some absolutely stunning art, and some absolutely creative crafts.  The list is endless!

You can even join their FaceBook group here:

Honestly, this group is probably one of the most helpful groups you will ever find on FaceBook!  I mean that with ever fiber of my being.  Everyone is genuinely in love with this product, super helpful, very complimentary, and we all have the “we are part of the same family” mentality.  Do you know what it’s like to find your tribe?  Well, whether you’re crafty, artsy, edgy, a beginner, or a professional – this group is for you.  It feels like fairy tale family, that treats each other with the utmost respect.

If you love to craft, create, etc. this product is a definite MUST.  Why not give it a try?

This post does contain some affiliate links. These are the actual products I use and I would never recommend anything I didn’t already use and love!



3 thoughts on “Product Reviews – Unicorn SPiT

  1. Wow! Those colors are beautiful. Going to have to check these out and try them out. Love the projects that you did with them.


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