Welcome to LV Creative Concepts where I share my creative passions, interests, and all around quirkiness.  If you love creative spaces, designs, colors, materials, and funky ideas – this is the place for you!  Sometimes I try to rein it in a little, but then again, why?  Life is full of wonderful surprises and creative juices flow from all areas of life; pulling the ideas from my head, other phenomenal artists, DIYers, crafters, friends, family and of course, the world around us.

img_3272Linda’s my name and creating is something I am very passionate about!  Whether a craft or a relationship – I love to inspire other women to become more creative in life!  Main areas of expertise include: art, photography, furniture refurbishing and crafting. Love bringing new life to old pieces and I especially LOVE color!!!!  So, my hope is to offer a little inspiration and encouragement to brighten your day.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll be inspired to make something pretty along the way!

I love to create custom art using various mediums to obtain that one of a kind statement piece. Anything from furniture and cabinets, scrap wood and metals, photo paper and canvas, to mirrors and glass. I love fluid acrylics and photography with digital manipulation.  Oh, and did I mention I LOVE COLOR?!?!? I especially love abstract, rustic, shabby, and out of the ordinary looks too with geometric, kaleidoscope, and fractal images being my favorite!

Being an artist / creative person is not my only passion.  First and foremost, I love Jesus!  Secondly, my husband, son, family, and friends are pretty special to me!  I love to write and dote on these special folks and our experiences! I do!  I love to share aspects of our trials and our triumphs in order to hopefully inspire and bless other women.

So, while my business is all about art and the creative discovery journey we are on – it will also have real life thrown in the mix.  Which, by the way, is a creative journey and process in and of itself .  People don’t always understand my need to paint, craft, create, or do – but I find we can all relate on some level or another with real life experiences, inspirations, and encouragement.

I would love for you to take this journey with me!


Wouldn’t it be amazing if we just opened our eyes a little more and appreciated the the process, as well as, the outcome? (Whether in business, marriage, friendships, life, family, dreams, etc) Understandably, the process can get ugly, muddy, messy, etc. but when you look back at the whole journey – you might actually be amazed by the beauty of it! Images in this video are not paintings I’ve made on a canvas but the actual mess that ran off the canvases, pooled up in a twisted maze, and landed in my bucket for scrap. Once I actually stood still to look at it, I had a new appreciation for the process and saw the beauty in the mess!

Pooling Paint


Here’s a little sunshine to brighten your day!  It gives you a sneak peek into “me”:







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